This ring was purchased as a Georgian ring but alas it is not. Georgian rings are highly sought after and therefore very rare.

This ring is beautifully constructed, very similar to the 200 year old version of it. The marquise diamond has a foiled back and is crimped set. The center marquise element is riveted into the casing with smaller single cut diamonds framing it. All the diamonds are set in sterling silver with applied oxidation.

It is very difficult to date this ring, I am attributing its period due to the cut of the rose cuts. They do not appear to be hand cut but machine cut. They are too perfect and in excellent condition.

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Diamond: Natural
cut: Marquise Rose Cut
weight: 1=1.50 cts
measurements: 11 x 5.6 mm
color: J/K
clarity: SI2/I1

cut: Rose Cuts
weight: 24=0.56 cts
measurements: 2 - 1.5 mm
color: K/L
clarity: SI1-I2

dimensions: 19 x 11.6 mm marquise / shank 6.5 - 2.4 mm wide
finger size: 8
metal: 14k pink gold shank and sterling silver
markings: none
period: circa 1990's or earlier
weight: 7.5 grams
condition: 9 (this is a foiled diamond, so care needs to be taken, this cannot be worn in the water)

Stunning Marquise Rose Cut Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver & 14k Pink Gold Ring

SKU: JL487
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