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What is your return policy?

We gladly accept returns within 14 days, exchanges within 30 days, and cancellations within 1 hour of your order.
Returns: Hassle free returns within 14 days of delivery after receiving Return Authorization number and prepaid shipping label. Upon receipt of returned item in its original condition, a full refund minus the shipping charge will be issued.

How are Items Tested for Authenticity?

We use GIA standard equipment to test the alloys and gemstones.
Alloy Testing - Acids & GXL Next gold, platinum and silver tester along with a rare earth magnet.
Gem Testing - A refractometer, a microscope and a gem loupe, sometimes it is necessary to send the stone to a Laboratory. For Colored Gemstones we use American Gem Laboratories.
Diamond Grading - A microscope, a diamond grading lamp and GemOro master stones, sometimes it is necessary to send the stone to a Laboratory, for Diamonds we use Gemological Institute of America.
Pricing is based on GemGuide and Rapaport.

Layaway Options

We offer a flexible layaway plan that gives you 3 installments within 3 months. The initial payment is the first of the 3 payments. Each additional payment is expected one month after the initial payment.

 JewelConscious provides jewelry with a clear conscious and a personalized buying experience from a 30-year industry expert to help you decide exactly what you want and treasure it for years to come.

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