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What We Buy


Antique & Estate Fine Jewelry

Over 50 Years Old

Loose Diamonds

Round Brilliant, Old European, Cushion, Old Mine Cut,  Rose & Table Cut ✓ Diamonds

Mounted Antique Diamonds

⅓ of a carat and larger

Signed Designer Jewelry

Over 25 Years Old

*Costume jewelry is not considered for offers.

Three Easy Steps


1. Photographs & Information

Send us photographs and a detailed description of your item(s) to



We provide a pre-estimate value.


Fast Payment

Ship us your jewelry and receive payment once received or your item(s) ship back the following business day.


1. Photos - clear and focused photographs are necessary. Your phone can be used but do not shoot too close because that will produce blurry images.
2. Weight of your piece, if possible, in grams or pennyweight (dwt).
3. Metal: karat fineness (10k, 14k, 18k, or platinum).
4. Gemstone - If natural or synthetic and estimate size in carats or measurements in millimeters. If neither, lying it next to a ruler in the images will help.
5. Diamonds - Weight, color, and clarity with copies of any  documentation (gemological laboratory report, appraisal).

* If you cannot provide this information, an accurate estimate is impossible without physically examining the piece.


Within 48 hours a value will be provided or the item will be declined.

* Final offers are tentative.


1. Shipping: the items must be shipped for examination, inspection and testing to confirm information provided. Instructions will be emailed to you on how to ship if you decide to proceed. 
2. Acceptance: Payment is made within 24 hours, through zelle or mailed check. A copy of your valid driver's license or passport is required with a completed and signed document acknowledging the item(s) are legally yours to sell. 
3. Declined:  The jewelry is shipped back to you within 24 hours to the address confirmed and on the valid driver’s license.


Important Note: It is a conflict of interest for anyone to appraise your jewelry and to purchase the same item. JewelConscious can assist with either one but not both.

Insurance: Items are insured with a provided appraisal within 12 months, stated values are not honored without current documentation supporting the value.  

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