This Victorian French porcelain painted pendant / brooch and earring set are in incredible condition. The earrings depict the same image, with a young girl holding a basket of flowers. The pendant / brooch depicts a woman with her dress carried up as if she was walking through water so she wouldn't get her dress wet and carrying a basket. The detail is beautifully hand rendered on the painted porcelain and the gold filigree.  The porcelain is backed by abalone shell. The earrings are hinged in 2 places so they have graceful movement when worn. 


Measurements: 10 @ 1.8 mm / 4 @ 2.9-3 mm


Dimensions: 47 x 17.2 x 4.3 mm (includes earwire)
Metal: 18k yellow gold
Markings: none
Circa: 1880's
Weight: 5.8 grams
Condition Rating: 8 (not sure if ear wires are original as I would expect them to be have the eagles head french marks on them)


Brooch / Pendant:
Dimensions: 35 x 28.8 x  12.3 mm 
Metal: 18k yellow gold
Markings: JQF Eagles Head on pin of brooch
Circa: 1880's
Weight: 7 grams
Condition Rating: 7 (the backside shows lead solder from previous repair work)

French Victorian Painted Porcelain Earrings and Pendant / Brooch Suite

SKU: DK375
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