I purchased these jade earrings from an estate and they were just the white jade donut. I have had them for almost 10 years and recently decided to modify them. I added the black onyx donut with the white jade bead (all upcycled from old jewelry) to give them dimension and style. They have a chic look to them when worn.

Gemstones: Jade
Donut Shape
24.8 x 25.3 x 5.8 mm

Gemstones: Black Onyx
Donut Shape
11.8 x 11.8 x 1.9 mm

Gemstones: Jade
Bead 2 @ 8 mm

Dimensions: 46 mm long x 25 mm wide
Metal: 14k yellow gold
Markings: 14K on leverback
Period: 1970
Condition Rating: 7 (one jade has a surface breaking inclusion reaching one side but not the other, it looks like a crack but it is not when examined under a microscope, the jump ring that attaches the black onyx and jade bead does slide back and forth so that it has movement, small chip on one onyx)

Thanks for looking!!!

White Jade Hoops 14k Yellow Gold with Black Onyx

SKU: JL1156
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