This Jade pendant displays varying colors of green from light to dark. The pendant is carved on both sides with a high relief and beautiful detail. Even the profile has beautiful engraving. This is a land and sea image. The images have carp swimming with 2 one one side underwater and a butterfly on land. The gold chain is not included in this price, it's an additional $75.

"Butterflies, as things of beauty and summer warmth, are often found in Chinese paintings. Sometimes a butterfly seeking flowers symbolizes a young man's quest for love. In particular a butterfly and plum blossom mean a quest for blissful love.
Because 耋 dié ‘elderly, over eighty’ sounds the same, it can also symbolize a wish for long life. This symbolism is re-enforced by a cat: 耄 mào because mao also means 耄 mào ‘aged eighty or more’.
The most famous Chinese butterfly is the one in the vision of the Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi. Was he dreaming of life as a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming itself as a man? A different story about this incident has him, less poetically, chasing a butterfly and stumbling into the grounds of a house where he sees a lovely young lady with whom he falls in love."

"A carp symbolizes a favorable wish as it sounds similar to 利 lì ‘favorable, benefit, advantage’ and 力 lì means ‘strength, power’. It has long been associated with wishing success in the state examinations. If a candidate was successful at the exams at Beijing he could buy a boat trip back home from the travel agents on nearby ‘Carp Street’ 鲤鱼胡同 lǐ yú hú tòng. Carp swim hard and leap up the currents in the Yellow River at the Dragon Gate ➚ rapids, Shaanxi and so it is associated with endeavor and determination. According to legend ‘Dragon Gate’ (龙门 lóngmén is where a carp was transformed into a dragon and that took on the meaning of passing the examinations and becoming a powerful and rich government official: 鲤鱼跳龙门 lǐ yú tiào lóng mén ‘may you gain quick success’. Wang Xiang (王祥) is an example of filial piety, he was unable to procure carp to provide medicine for his father and his evil step-mother, so he sat and wept on a frozen river for so long that his tears melted a hole in the ice opened and two carp sprang out of it.
The goldfish (a kind of carp) 金鱼 jīn yú is a symbol for ‘an abundance of wealth (gold)’ often shown with a lotus."

Gemstones: Diamonds
Cut: round brilliant cut
Color: J/K
Clarity: I1
Weight: 3 = 0.04 cts
Measurements: 1.5 mm

Dimensions: 2.64 " x 1.4" (67.1 x 35.2 x 6.8 mm including bail)
Metal: 14k Yellow Gold Bail
Markings: 14K 585 on bail
Material: Carved Natural Jadeite Jade Unenhanced
Circa: Pre 1990 or earlier
Condition Rating: 7 (excellent condition with crisp carving, there is an inclusion in the stone that goes through it on both sides and looks like a crack. You actually cannot feel it with your nail but it is there)
Weight: 26.9 grams

Large Deeply Carved Double Sided Carp & Butterfly Jade Pendant with 14k Gold

SKU: JL1019
  • Bracelets and rings get the most wear out of all the styles of jewelry. Make sure that your jewelry is professionally cleaned and your stones checked annually.

    For gold rings, the higher the karat weight, the softer the metal will be, and the easier it will scratch. Frequent polishing is unecessary. Polishing your rings removes layers of metals and will thin it out through time.  

    The same goes with platinum, as it is a malleable and softer metal, yet denser, which makes it last longer.  Platinum is also a white metal naturally and stays white, whereas white gold is yellow that has white alloys giving it a whiter appearance, but will never be as white as platinum. 

    For high value items, typically of $1,000, it is a good idea to have your pieces insured on your homeowners policy or with a separate insurer like Jewelers Mutual. 

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