A chance to own a vintage Buccelatti ring. This ring is a great everyday ring set with a fun, pastel palette. The Cat's Eye Chrysoberly is the focal point dressed with some Pink Quartz side stones. the 18k yellow gold sets off the colors with the classic Buccelatti texture. 


Gemstones: Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl
Cut: oval cabochon
Weight: 1 = 1.29 cts estimated weight
Measurements: 6 x 6.5 x 3.29


Gemstones: Rose Quartz
Cut: round cabochon
Weight: 2 = 0.80 cts estimated weight
Measurements: 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.70 mm


Measurements: 8.7 - 4.9 mm wide / 6.4 m high off finger
Metal: 18k yellow gold 
Markings: Buccelatti Italy 
Size: 6.75 
Weight: 6 grams
Condition Rating: 7 (engraving shows wear and has been previously sized, stones are not original to the ring, bezel is not full around one rose quartz stone)


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Buccelatti Three Stone Ring Chrysoberyl and Rose Quartz in 18k Yellow Gold

SKU: BB1024
  • Bracelets and rings get the most wear out of all the styles of jewelry. Make sure that your jewelry is professionally cleaned and your stones checked annually. For high value items, typically of $1,000, it is a good idea to have your pieces insured on your homeowners policy or with a separate insurer like Jewelers Mutual. 

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