Chic and unique these Art Nouveau earrings are a marriage of 3 estate finds. The tops are 10k gold Art Nouveau black opal earrings attached to 14k antique kidney wires. The intricately carved lavender Jade drops are 50 years newer.

The lavender captures the purples in the black opals. They are comfortable yet outspoken.

Gemstones: Jade
Measurements: 35 x 11 x 3.4 mm avg

Gemstones: Black Opal
Shape: Oval Cabochon
Measurements: 7 x 6 mm avg

Dimensions: 46 mm long x 25 mm wide
Metal: 10k pink gold tops with 14k gold kidney wires and 14k yellow gold wire that attaches Jade to top
Markings: none
Weight: 5.9 grams
Period: 1880 tops and jade 1960 or earlier
Condition Rating: 7 ( patina on tops due to age)

Art Nouveau Lavender Jade & Opal Earrings 10k/ 14k Yellow Gold

SKU: DK234
  • Bracelets and rings get the most wear out of all the styles of jewelry. Make sure that your jewelry is professionally cleaned and your stones checked annually.

    For gold rings, the higher the karat weight, the softer the metal will be, and the easier it will scratch. Frequent polishing is unecessary. Polishing your rings removes layers of metals and will thin it out through time.  

    The same goes with platinum, as it is a malleable and softer metal, yet denser, which makes it last longer.  Platinum is also a white metal naturally and stays white, whereas white gold is yellow that has white alloys giving it a whiter appearance, but will never be as white as platinum. 

    For high value items, typically of $1,000, it is a good idea to have your pieces insured on your homeowners policy or with a separate insurer like Jewelers Mutual. 

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